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The boys in green put on a good show at the final Honor Roll meet at Lansing Eastern High School last night going 4-1.

Justin Schultz, Ian Leavey, Victor Theis and Aaron Risch notched wins, while Glen Sible was defeated by returning State Champion Cody Dunn from Leslie.
Below are links to pictures of Ian and Justin from the Lansing State Journal.
Ian #1
Ian #2

Honor Roll Update: Ian was just added to the meet.  He will be wrestling an opponent from Leslie.

Five kids on the mat tonight at 6:30 PM at Don Johnson Field House, see you then.


Good Morning!

I didn't hear back and just wanted to make sure no one else wanted our black team shirt.  Please let me know ASAP

Additionally, we are getting Road to the Palace shirts, if anyone would like them please let me know.

Honor Roll meet tonight....should be a good one.  The lineup changed just a bit:

Justin v Webberville on Mat 1
Victor v Lansing Eastern on Mat 2
Glen v Leslie on Mat 2
Aaron v Grand Ledge on Mat 2


I am putting a second order for t-shirts. They are black with the hulk on front.

 If you would like one, $10.

Please let me know by the end of today.

Also,  the fearsome foursome (Aaron, Victor, Glen, Justin) will be in action tomorrow at the final Honor Roll meet, lineup at 6:30.  Here are the match-ups....

Aaron v. Grand Ledge
Justin v. Leslie
Victor v. Lansing Eastern
Glen Sible v. Cody Dunn (2007 Div IV State Champ--- Glen beat him 4-3 at the 2007 Classic)

Should be a great night.


We have four going to the Palace!

What a great day for Hornet wrestling this weekend.  Victor, Glen, Justin, and Aaron all qualified for the State tournament.  Evan and Ian did well, losing in the qualifying round by close margins.

Those four also were selected to participate in the Lansing Area Honor Roll Meet, Wednesday, at 6:30 PM at the Don Johnson field house on the campus of Lansing Eastern HS.  It will be a great showcase for the area and an honor for Williamston to participate.

Matt Lamb was named Michigan Wrestling Association - Regional  Assistant Coach of the Year.  He truly has helped our program achieve faster than expected.

Equipment is due today for all those who have finished their season.  I am asking for it all to be in the black bag with everything washed.

Team States are this coming weekend, Corunna and Lakewood will be there.  It's a great experience if you have never gone.

More details on the State Finals to come.  I believe Shawn Sible is looking to organize purchasing a block of tickets.

Have an awesome day!


Well, we went down swinging last night.  What a great season as a team, improving on a 4-16 record to 24-14...3rd in the CAAC, a Team District championship, 6 hopefuls to the state tourney.

Info for Saturday:  Please come on out and support the six qualifiers.  It will be held at Battle Creek Pennfield High, wrestling at 9:30.

A few quick reminders:

Regional Qualifiers are practicing from 3-5 at Mason today, we will drop off at the High School.

The LSJ Honor Roll meet is scheduled for next Wednesday at Don Johnson Field House at Lansing Eastern HS.  Wrestlers with the best record in each division in the area will be selected.  I will notify wrestlers Sunday if they have been selected to wrestle or as an alternate.  This is the final year of the event and would like to see full participation on Williamston's behalf.

Wrestlers who are done need to turn in their gear (Warm Ups, Head Gear, Singlet, Bag) on Monday at 3 PM in my classroom.

The banquet will be finalized soon.  We will plan on being at the Brookshire toward the end of March.

Freestyle and Greco practices will begin sometime around March 17.  There is a MyWay schedule in my room for the remainder of March competition.

We will be needing to nominate officers for the 2008-09 Wrestling Boosters, if you know of someone who is interested we will be making decisions about this process at the upcoming booster meetings.

The golf outing planning is right around the bend, start thinking of sponsorships and people who would want to golf in the outing.

Thanks for a great team season, let's root our guys on toward the Palace!



What an unbelievable week!  Thursday had to have been the crowning moment for our program.  Every single wrestler that night wrestled their heart out to insure a victory.  Dan Shuck comes off 3 weeks of inactivity to gain a HUGE win, Paul Sawaya saves some points and avoids a major, Ben Wenger fights the whole time off the bottom and gets 1 point with less than 10 seconds remaining to avoid yet another major.  Many other matches, down to the wire victories, and when it's crunch time and we need a big win, sending your senior captain out to the mat to bring home a championship.  What an experience!  We made EVERY SECOND COUNT, WOW!

Again, this weekend, we did a great job on an individual basis.  We're sending 6 to the Regionals this Saturday.  Great wrestling from the weekend.

We have practice today from 5-7 PM, a little later for the boys to enjoy their President's Day. 

We drew Corunna for the first round this Wednesday night in Corunna.  We're not backing down from the challenge, and we're ready to for the battle Wednesday.

Brad sent out hotel info to the families for Regionals.  In the interest of fairness and to keep focus, we will not travel those not wrestling this weekend. However, they are strongly encouraged to find a way down the Battle Creek-Pennfield to cheer on their teammates and see some great matches.

Once the team has been eliminated from team tournament, the boys are not required to attend practices.  Once they are through I will need their warm ups, singlets, headgears washed and returned inside their wrestling bag. 

One great week down, 3 more to go to Palace!

See you Wednesday!



Here is news from Coach Weber:

 Good Morning!

I heard on ESPN this weekend that 90% of sports is anticipation.  I am sure our team, and all of you are anxious to see the results of our season play out in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow, February 14, we are wrestling Stockbridge at 6:pm in Stockbridge for the first round of Team Districts. The winner  will wrestle East Jackson 20 minutes following the completion of the first round.  The winner will then wrestle at the Corunna Regional on February 20.  Let's plan on being there!

We will have practice at normal time on Friday, 3:00pm, even though there is no school.

Saturday we will be hosting 14 teams for the Individual Districts with wrestling starting at 9:30am. The bracket will be a 16 man chart with the round of 16 being single elimination

The top 4 in each weight class will advance to the BC-Pennfield Regional on Feb 23. 

It looks like Kathy Leavey is putting together a strong list of workers for Saturday.  If you have not signed up and can work some, part, or all day on Saturday please let her know.

Shawn Sible will be getting out info of what he needs in terms of setup and security.  We need 4 men and one mom for weigh in at 7:00am.

Please let Dawn Risch know if you can work a table.

We're charging through February, and the seconds are beginning to wind down.  We are focused to make EVERY SECOND COUNT in 2008!

See you tomorrow!

Pat Weber

Attached is the plan for tomorrow, pending another snow day.....

We will weigh in at 3:45.  The match will be at 5:30 PM in the old gym with only Lakewood.

I realize that this is short notice and with the absence of a practice and an actual day of weigh in, it may cause some adversity, however, this is a league match and needs to occur.  We will do our best, and go from there.  Thanks in advance for your support.

This will be great practice for Team & Individual Districts and the tournaments to follow.

See you tomorrow!


Congratulations to Glen Sible on earning his 100th win against Holland and to Aaron Risch named Lansing State Journal Athlete of the Week!

Are you ready for some Wrestling?

We are heading into the best portion of the year, matches get closer, tournaments go a little longer, the memories get stronger.

Big two weeks ahead for the Hornets.

Tonight, in Charlotte against Lakewood and DeWitt.  Bus at 3:00, Whistles at 5:30.

There will be a team meal provided by Dawn Risch on Friday, more info to come on time and location.

Saturday at Corunna for the CAAC-White Division Meet.  We are sitting in a tie for second (pending tonight) with Corunna, and have a good chance for a shakeup come Saturday afternoon.  Bus is at 8:00 AM, wrestling at 10:00.

Next week we begin the state tournaments.

Thursday Feb 14, we will weigh in at 5:00 PM at Stockbridge.  Wrestling will begin at 6:30.  The bracket will be drawn on this Thursday morning. East Jackson and Stockbridge are the teams in our team District.

Friday Feb 15, we need parents to help set up the gym and kitchen areas beginning at 5 PM, 3 mats and tables.

Additionally we will need help on Saturday throughout the day.  Concessions, 3 tables with help, someone at the admissions all day, someone to sell shirts and hoodies, a security-type person to patrol the locker rooms and wrestling area, we also need 4 men to help with weigh in around 7 o'clock.  Please contact Kathy Leavey if you will help in the kitchen, sales, tickets.  Please contact Dawn Risch if you can work a table, contact Shawn Sible if you can work Security and Weigh Ins.

Looking forward to a great week of wrestling.


I spoke to nearly all the boys this early morning. Too many bad variables for the road conditions.

We are NOT wrestling at Constantine this weekend.  I think break at this point is not a bad thing.

We will have a practice at 1 PM on Sunday (pending the weather). 

Wednesday we travel to Charlotte to wrestle Lakewood and DeWitt.  Followed by the CAAC League meet in Corunna next Saturday.  We are rolling into the finality of the schedule, where did all the time go?

Enjoy the weekend and Super Bowl!  Go PATS!


It was very cool to see our team stretched almost from door to door last night.  It is tremendous positive feeling to see how far our program has grown in the last 3 seasons.  Thanks again to all parents for everything you do for your sons and the program.

The weather forecast is looking pretty bad for the weekend.   The experts are calling for 5-10" from Chicago to Detroit with a foot or more in southern lower Michigan, starting tonight and going through all day tomorrow with 15-25 mph winds.  The Three Rivers forecast says 7-14", and for Williamston the experts are calling for 8-12".   I am sure the Constantine folks are monitoring this and will cancel if it is bad.  I will monitor this with Brad and Randy Bowles to make sure our kids get to Three Rivers safely and back to Williamston in the same fashion.  Once I know, I will send out info so that families can make/change any plans.

As of now, we are still on for the weekend.

Constantine is a five round, round robin tournament format, scoring matches like a dual meet.   Team competing are Berrien Springs, Delton-Kellogg, Napoleon, Jackson Lumen Christi, Three Rivers.  Medals to 4th place, trophies to the top 2 teams

Other than that, thanks for a great night.


We are wrestling tonight as scheduled.

The boys need to be there at 4 PM for setup.

Parent line up begins at 5:15

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.


As I was driving home from Whitehall, I thought of the Johnny Cash song "I've been everywhere!", and thought it may be a sub-theme to our season.  We have traveled all over the state, seeking the best competition for our team.  We have done well, I thought we had a great measure of where we are as a team.  We have reached a point where we need to finish strong!

This week, like most, we have much going on....

Wednesday we face Perry and Fowlerville for Senior/Parents Night.  We have carnations for all parents, please RSVP.  We will line up at 5:20 PM for introductions.

This weekend is our traditional trip to Constantine, everyone goes, most likely everyone wrestles.  I cannot guarantee JV kids will get in to the tournament, but in years past, we have been able to get them in.

We will depart at 11:30.   There will be a $20 charge for the hotel and transportation costs per wrestler.

Here are my drivers-

Terry Burke (6), Pat Weber (2), Brad Johnson (3), Jim Wenger (4), Tina Schultz (2).  We will need at least 2 more drivers.

I sent info on the hotel last week, if you need it again, please let me know.

Thank for all you do!  See you Wednesday for  great night.


Here is the Constantine info:

Holiday Inn Express

We have 8 rooms, please feel free to join us.  This is a great trip.

We will depart WHS at 11:30 AM.

We will be practicing at Three Rivers High around 3 PM.

Here are my drivers for Constantine currently

Terry Burke (7)
Brad Johnson (3)
Rick Shuck (6)
Todd Demand (?)

Please let me know if you can drive this Friday (2/1).


Here is the information regarding the Whitehall trip:

Best Western
2822 Durham Road, Whitehall, Michigan, 49461-9155, US
Phone: 231-893-4833      Fax: 231-893-2423

We have a total of 8 rooms (4 for boys, 1 for Lamb & Weber), the additional rooms are for drivers.  If additional parents would like to join the team to Whitehall, please feel free. 

Here are my drivers for Friday night, scheduled to leave at 5 PM on Friday evening.

Terry Burke (7)
Todd Demand (6)
Tina Schultz (2)
Rick Shuck (6)

Why not use the leftover sloppy-joes for a meal after weigh in Friday?  We will weigh in around 4:15-4:30.

I will send out Constantine information shortly.


Thank you so much much for a smooth weekend.  We had plenty of help, we ended 2.5 hours early, the gate was up, the kitchen is even (will make a killing at districts), and by the way, the boys wrestled very well, taking 5th place, the highest place in 5 years.  A great week, a sign of things to come.  We will keep working towards a championship.

Thanks for Evan and Barb Burke for capturing our Bendle Championship and submitting the information to the Enterprise.  The powers that be in the Lansing Community News let me know that our local sports reporter was let go at the new year, so we have no local coverage.  We are it.   In order to grow our program we need to continue the coverage.  I am asking for assistance with someone to submit an article to the Enterprise on a weekly basis with coverage on our team.  Please let me know!

Quick Updates-

I will have hotel information finalized today for Whitehall & Constantine.  Please let me know if you would like to drive.  I have enough for Whitehall, looking for Constantine.  Departure times 5:00 PM (W), 11:30 AM (C). 

We have practice today at 10 AM -  Noon.  Tuesday practice from 3 - 4:30, plus a weigh in.

Wednesday, I believe the schedule takes us to Eaton Rapids (haven't we seen the Greyhounds quite a bit?) We will square off with Corunna to begin with.  The face old Ingham County League rival, Haslett.  Plenty of opportunity for our squad.  JV matches a plenty.

A change to our team district in February--- Jackson Lumen Christi has been reassigned to another district due to Albion canceling it's season.  We have a great opportunity to win this championship facing East Jackson & Stockbridge.

Thanks again for all of your help to pull off the premiere tournament in the state!


What a great turn out last night for our booster meeting.  Everything seems ready to go and will run smoothly.  We will also be using an MSU mat, thanks to Chris Williams, for the 5th mat, which will make things move right along in the morning, hopefully saving an hour or two.

I will show anyone interested in running the clock tonight at 5 and the same time on Friday.

I have Jim Wenger running the clock on Mat 1 (Williamston all time), Matt Milbourne running the clock on Mat 2. I will have a manager running the clock on mat 3 (JV).  I will need an adult (usually Shawn Sible) to do the scorebook, to make sure there is an adult present, Kacie Miller usually does the book for our matches, but in the case tonight an adult needs to at least supervise.  Taylor Hunt will be tapping on Mat 1.  I need two other tappers for tonight.

Setup Friday will begin around 5 PM.  If we have plenty of help it should not take very long, usually mats and kitchen work takes the longest.  Last night appeared to have enough help.

A few quick updates and upcoming events:

We will need drivers for next Friday evening to the Muskegon area...Departure around 5 PM.  I will need rides for at least 17 boys. I already have Todd Demand who can take approx 6.

Practice for Monday will be from 10 AM to 12:30 PM.  Tuesday will be a weigh in practice, which will begin at 2:30 and run until 4 PM.  Again, if they are in town they are expected to be at practice on Monday, Tuesday is a mandatory practice.

We will be leaving for Constantine around 11:30 AM on Friday 2/1.  We will be practicing with Three Rivers around 3 PM.  Again, I will need drivers for that event, Jim Wenger has already volunteered to take 4.

These overnights are great for the boys.  Please feel free to come along.

Thanks again for all your help and assistance!



A Busy Week Around The Hive!
The boys in green and their coaching staff have been working hard and it is paying off.  For the first time in recent memory the team brought home some hardware on a Saturday.  The team went a perfect 5-0 at the Burton Bendle Duals with victories over: Flint Powers, Burton Bendle, Flint Central, Bishop Foley and Clarkston 'B'.  We had strong performances from the whole team with 7 individuals going a perfect 5-0 on the day.  Box scores will be posted soon.
This week we have our home opener in the new gym on Wednesday night in a CAAC Double Dual with Eaton Rapids, Ionia and Napoleon.  Williamston faces off against Napoleon and Eaton Rapids, and Ionia faces Eaton Rapids and Napoleon along with mixed JV action.  This is also Hornet Alumni Night, so if you have been a part of the Williamston Wrestling family please come and help inaugurate the new athletic complex.  Whistles are at 5:30 PM.
Also this week is The 46th Annual Jim Mooney Williamston Classic Invitational.  As has become the custom this years Classic will feature some of the top ranked teams and individuals from around the state.  Wrestling starts at 8:30 AM and will run all day long.  We would love to have you there to watch or we would be happy to put you to work, either way we just hope to see you there.
Coach Brad


What a great weekend.  The first trophy for this team in at least 5 years.  It was exciting to see all those involved in Williamston Wrestling share in the win Saturday.  Way to Go!

Booster Club Meeting, tomorrow (Tuesday) at the normal time of 7:00 PM at the Brookshire.  Pizza and Pop will be provided by the club.  We need to make sure we have enough help for Saturday.

This week we have not only a tough week physically, but mentally as well...Exams begin Wednesday.  Please ensure your son is getting enough rest and study time.

The physical part.  We will be wrestling at home, starting at 5:30.  We will wrestle Napoleon first and then wrestle Eaton Rapids. 
I have Rick Shuck, Darcy Austin, Joelle Demand, and Dawn Risch volunteered to run tables for Wednesday.  I need someone to run the clock for at least three mats on Wednesday.  We have scoring taken care of.

I am very pleased with the past week, and we are moving forward toward new challenges and goals!

Coach Weber


Happy New Year Parents!

I hope you all had relaxing, family & fun filled holiday.  Much to celebrate this past year, more to come in 2008.

We will be weighing in tomorrow at 4:15.

There will be a booster meeting tomorrow at the Brookshire at 6 PM, it is very important that you attend because we will be planning the Mooney Classic.  Shawn Sible has ordered pizzas and pitchers of pop for those who attend!

We are wrestling at Charlotte on Wednesday.  Bus leaves at 3:00.  The dual v. Portland begins at 5:30, we will wrestle Charlotte in the match following.

We will be going to Burton-Bendle, bus will leave at 7:50 (finally, an early bus), Wrestling begins at 10 AM.  It will be 5 dual matches.

Final Exams begin next week on Wednesday.  Please ensure your son is getting the proper rest and maintaining their studies.

With the help of Scott Simmons, Toby Weston, and Gary Theis we have brand new warm-ups, they are looking good.  Please thank these folks for their continued support.  Additionally, we have drafted an agreement note to check these items out, please check these out.

I am very thankful for our parents and support staff of the Williamston Wrestling program, I know that you all do many things to make our program great.  I am looking forward to a great year.  I do know we will be quite busy the next few weeks and appreciate your work  in the next few weekends.


Well the first half of our season comes to a close tonight.  We will be wrestling Stockbridge and Sand Creek tonight.  Match time is 6 PM.  Bus leaves at 4:05.

Tomorrow, we will signing Holiday cards for boosters and supporters and lifting, probably the same end time of 5-5:30 PM

No Practice Friday, the cookie dough will arrive at 3:15, I am asking for a representative of each seller to be able to pick up their cookies for delivery.  It would be too tempting for me to have all that cookie at my disposal over break. 

Holiday Practice is on the calendar, I am trying to get into Holt and practice with them.  I realize that the holiday time is very precious, however, if your son is in town hanging out, it would be good for them to come out to practice for a few hours.

Again, most likely, 99% sure....we are canceling the Parma Western Tournament on Jan 5 and everyone will go to the Bendle Dual tournament on Jan 12.  I apologize if this has hurt anyone's weekend plans.

I am running low on shirts, if you would like one, I can bring some to the meet tonight...$10 to Brad Johnson.

Toby Weston & Gary Theis have arranged for the boys to have brand new warm ups for the new year.  Thanks to them!

I am going to be putting together a phone tree, in case of snow days, bad weather, tornados.   In the case of snow days, I call Mr. Bowles at 11ish to get the OK for practice, once I get the OK, I will call the captains, they will call seniors, etc.

A great wrestling site for you die-hards is, it's great!  Former MSU and Mason wrestler Tony Greathouse manages the site. 

I hope you all have a great  Holiday this season.

See you tonight!



Quickly-  I was looking over the January 12th paperwork and the current schedule, it may be a dual tournament (the paperwork is misleading) and there is an extra weigh in date for most kids.  I will be taking some varsity wrestlers to this meet at Burton-Bendle if it ends up being a dual tournament.  Thank you in advance for your patience and flexibility.

Just a few updates and reminders-

Weigh In today at 4:30. Tomorrow varsity is traveling to Chippewa Hills, bus at 6 wrestling begins at 9 AM (they usually start behind schedule).  Shawn Sible is still arranging rides.  Thanks Shawn for this great help!

JV kids are going to Bryan (OH) with Todd Demand, he will be leaving at 6 AM, kids needs to bring a sack lunch, no coolers are allowed.  This will be an on site weigh in.  Thanks Todd for taking this on!

Shirts: I still have plenty of team shirts for sale $10.  Please let me know and I can send them home with your son.

I was very happy to see a well attended booster meeting, would the 6 PM time work better for people?

The Classic is coming soon, we will need plenty of help for this great event.

Sub orders are going well.  Thanks to Tina Schultz, some kids are ordering for the rest of the year which helps the two of us.

Kids are starting to get tired and sick, it may be of benefit for you son to take a multi-vitamin in the morning.  Some college nutritionists recommend for athletes to take two based on their physical output.  Please consider this for your son.

Looking forward to a busy weekend.

Thanks for all you do!


Just a few reminders:

Today there is a Booster Meeting at 6 PM at the Brookshire, we changed the time because I am in charge of running the basketball clock for the varsity.  We will have extra team shirts available for purchase of $10 each if you would like one.  Additionally, You may have noticed the new coaching shirts or coats, you may get one through a "Coaches Sponsor" see Shawn Sible for details.

Tomorrow, we are still on for Hillsdale.  Tina Schultz is taking orders today for Jersey Giant.  If you would like to pay for the remainder of the season, I believe there are 5 more dual matches...that may be easier.  $6 for ham $7 for turkey with all kinds of water provided by the Schultz's.

Here is the tentative list for the weekend

JV to Bryan (OH) with Todd Demand:  Alex Brouwer, Taylor Hunt, Andy Mesi, Garrett Demand, Isaac McDonald

Varsity: 103- Schultz, 112- Leavey, 119-Sawaya 125- Theis, 130- Wenger 135 Sible 140 Austin 145 Siefring 152 Risch 160 Jean 189 Shuck 215 Burke

Shawn Sible will be arranging rides for the Varsity this weekend, please let him know if you will be driving.

I will attach the December and 2008 Calendar if anyone needs one.


What a promising weekend, we had many tough matches and got to see what this team is really made of.

This week:

Wednesday we are at Hillsdale for a quad.  We begin at 6.

Saturday we have two trips:  JV kids will be going to Bryan (OH) with Todd Demand and Toby Weston.  I will get travel waivers out to you.  Varsity heads up to Chippewa Hills for a good tournament that challenge us.

Tuesday we are going to be taking a team photo, please remind your son to have his singlet for tomorrow.

Additionally, we may be getting some harsh weather tomorrow.  In the case of this, we will still have practice, just a matter of when it is cleared by the school to allow for travel.

Many positive things from the weekend.  See you Wednesday!



WOW, what a great evening in Ovid!  Many great matches and effort out of our team.  Very exciting.

We move forward this weekend with the Pinconning duals.  Same format as last weekend.  Wrestling begins at 8:30.  Chippewa Hills will be great competition for us.  Looking for better things to come!

I am taking a few boys to Webberville for a scrimmage today.  Should be great.

We will be weighing in around 4:30, eating around 5 and leaving anywhere from 5:30 to 6.

We are staying at the EconoLodge in Bay City.

We are good for rides up, we do need to ensure the boys get rides home.

Some injuries hit us this week to shuffle the lineup around.  Please ensure that your son is getting rest.  Team t-shirts will be here Tuesday, looking at purchasing some warm ups for the second half of the season.  Everyone is doing a fine job with showering and keeping clean (hope I didnt jinx it).

Looking forward to great weekend.  Hope to see you at the match!


I knew I forgot something: This year on Wednesday's I would like all wrestlers to be in shirts, ties, dress pants & shoes.  We have attire for boys if they don't have it.  I am very sorry for the short notice.

Thanks again!



Tina Schultz will be coordinating the Jersey Giant subs for the boys on the days of duals.  I believe the cost last year was $5 for ham and $6 for turkey.  I will tell the boys today the deal, however, we would like the money prior to ordering so that Tina is not stuck.

An update on the weekend plans:

We are staying at the Bay City Econolodge.

I would like to leave around 5:45-6 PM on Friday from the high school.  Kathy Leavey is organizing food for the boys after weigh in at 4:30.  If you would like to help her, please call her at 655-4969.

We need rides for 16 boys to Bay City Friday and then to Pinconning Saturday morning.  Shawn Sible will be arranging rides home.

The travel team for the weekend will be announced tonight after practice.

I will be taking the following boys to Webberville for a "scrimmage" after school Friday:  Taylor Hunt, Alex Brouwer, Andy Mesi, Grant Smith, Isaac McDonald.  If you would to come and watch we will be in the Spartan Center starting at 3:15.

Due to injuries this last weekend, some boys will be wrestling up or down.

Please encourage rest, the best night for sleep for an athlete is  the night before weigh in.

Ready to take on OE, Central Montcalm or Ithaca tomorrow!


Barb Burke brought a very crucial detail to my attention....

Most printed materials state we are wrestling this Thursday, however, due to the basketball switch this year we are always going to be wrestling on Wednesdays.

The Ovid-Elsie Quad was a last minute switch.

Thanks Barb!


With a 3-2 record good for a 3rd place finish Saturday at the Hudson Duals I believe we had a very exciting start to the new season.  We scored solid wins over Holt's tough JV squad, Napoleon and Milan, lost a squeaker to Jonesville, and got a reality check from a powerhouse Hudson team.  It was all a sign of better things to come.

This week we begin Wednesday with the Ovid-Elsie quad with Central Montcalm and Ithaca.  The bus leaves at 3:45.  There will be no mandatory study table this year.  However, wrestlers are expected to be in my classroom by 3:15.  The meet begins at 6 PM and we will wrestle 2 teams, and hopefully get some JV matches in.

Tina Bradley organized with Jersey Giant last year to get deals on subs for the boys.  I recommend athletes eat half of a sub with limited toppings around 3:30 and the other half after.  If someone would like to coordinate that this year, please let me know.

Friday I will be taking 16 kids (14 varsity and 2 reserves)  to the Pinconning Duals.  I will have a better idea after tonight's practice.  We will be staying up near Pinconning Friday night.  More details to follow.

Kathy Leavey is arranging for some sack lunches for after weigh-in Friday, so we can leave right away.

Also, the Webberville Novice tournament is tentatively scheduled for Friday afternoon.  They may cancel it. The kids who will not go Saturday will wrestle Friday night.

Rides:  Great job to all who coordinated the rides home and with the dawning of snow, I am very grateful to you all.  I am in need of someone being able to drive the girls Saturday morning.  Please contact me if you can.

Please look around your homes for any wrestling warm-ups, singlets, headgears.

Keep encouraging your wrestlers to be eating the right foods, getting the best amount of sleep, staying on top of their homework, and managing to be a teenager as well.

I appreciate all your help and support.

If you want maps or the latest info check out (managed by our own, Brad Johnson)

Have an awesome day!

Coach Weber


Please bookmark this web address:

This is the website that the athletic department uses to publish Williamston's schedules.  It is accessible by going through the high school site but this URL will get you there directly.  Whenever there is a schedule change, the athletic department immediately updates this site.  Also, directions to most schools are available by clicking on the school name in the schedule.

Check out the website if you haven't yet.  Once you are in the website you can select other schools and find their schedules.  Most schools in Michigan have their schedules in the system.


It was good to see you all again at the Meet the Team night and get ready for the upcoming season.

Tonight is the "BLITZ" night for the cookie dough.  We will conclude practice at 4:30, go around town and ask for supporters and conclude around 6:30.  If you have any cookie sheets at home, please get them to me tonight.

Yesterday, there was a "overdose" in the cleaning solution for the mats and has irritated some of the boys skin.  Please be assured that we will be re-instructing the seniors in the process of cleaning the mats. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Shawn Sible is asking for a reply to know which parents are going and how many they can transport home on Saturday.

There will be 7 teams Saturday (Hudson, Napoleon, Jonesville, Morenci, Holt JV, East Jackson)  it will be a dual tournament.

The entire 22 will travel.  Challenge matches today will determine the lineup, however, depending on match-ups we will be bumping kids around to get the best success.

Looking forward to a great year!

Thanks ahead of time for all that you do!

Coach Weber

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