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The News

2008 - 2009


Good Evening folks,

We have had an awesome two days.  The clinicians, the help, the counselors, the kids, have been outstanding.

Big thanks to Coach Lamb for making the arrangements to get our top notch clinicians and getting the local press out to recognize our program.  Big thanks to Pam Ostrander, Jim Wenger, Tina Schultz, & Stacy Murray for the food and hospitality.  Todd Demand, Jeremy Bloom, Chris Armour, Evan Burke have served as counselors so far this week and are doing a fine job assisting in the day.  THANKS!

We have Steve Fraser coming in tomorrow, he is a 1984 Olympic gold medalist and current US Greco head coach.  We have gone to his camps in the past and he delivers an outstanding message.  He is a master motivator.  I recommend you all to come check him out tomorrow if possible.

I have attached our coaching association meet that is tomorrow night, Glen Sible represented our club in this inaugural event last year.  It's a great night for wrestling junkies.

Just wanted to give you all an update in Hornet land.

Have an awesome day!

Coach Weber


Dear Parents and Wrestlers

I am preparing for our upcoming camp, we have many outside team attending (Carrolton, Pinconning, Portland, Dewitt) and am looking to put the final numbers together before the end of school.

Remember this camp is free to all wrestlers in the high school program for 2009-10, I need a registration form for each attendee.

Please send those to me ASAP.

Already registered: Diamond, McDonald, Johnson

I am sure we will need help on the initial day for registration and at lunch time.  Please contact me if available

Hope you a great weekend, thanks to our veterans!

Coach W



Just a quick note.  All athletes need a NEW physical each school year, take advantage of this great event!

Sports screening physicals will be given next Wednesday, May 27, in the new gym area. I believe $15. Time slots are divided by alphabet

A-B @ 6:00
C-E @ 6:20
F-H @ 6:40
I-L @ 7:00
M-Q @ 7:20
R-Z @ 7:40

No one will be admitted after 7:50.  Physical forms are available in the two high school offices and require a parent's signature.  Please let your athletes know.  This is the best deal going!


Honoring Coach Mooney

Retired long-time head coach Jim Mooney will be inducted into the Greater Lansing Area Sports Hall of Fame on Thursday, June 25, 2009.  The dinner and ceremony will take place the Gannon building gymnasium on the campus of Lansing Community College.  Doors open at 6:00 PM and the ceremony is at 7:00 P.M.

The Williamston Wrestling Club would like all of the members of the Williamston Wrestling Family to celebrate this honor with Jim.  We would especially like the members of the 1999 Williamston Wrestling Team to attend and celebrate the 10th anniversary of their State Championship. The Hall of Fame Tickets are $30.00 and are available by calling Barb Deleeuw at 517-483-1624.  Contact Coach Weber for more information.


Good Morning!

I was at my mother's graduation ceremony this weekend at Madonna University in Livonia, somehow the person sitting next to us heard we were from Williamston and he shared with my family that " Williamston has a great wrestling tournament! " A credit to you and your efforts that make this club great.

Just a reminder we are meeting Wednesday May 6 at 6 PM at the Brookshire.

Congrats to Ian Leavey who placed 2nd at Freestyle States.

Freestyle/Greco practice still rolling on Monday & Wednesday from 5-6ish

We are also having "throwing of dummies" on Mondays, and after school or at 5 PM Thursdays and Fridays.

I have not yet received all equipment from this last year, I will be submitting names to the office for fines should I not get those items back.  Please look around the house for any warm-ups, bags, or singlets.

Summer lifting and workouts will be coming out soon.

Hope everyone is enjoying the spring!



Good Morning!

Just a reminder that there will be a booster meeting tomorrow at 6:00 PM at the Brookshire

Items of business to discuss : Wrestling Camp & Fall Golf Outing.




Good Morning!

Just a few things, tonight is the banquet, dinner will be served at 6:30.

Please pay $14 per person to either myself or Kelly, checks to Williamston Wrestling Club.

Typically the boys wear dress pants and a collared shirt.

Should be a great night!




Good Morning folks,

Just wanted to remind families that I need a head count before tomorrow, most have replied.

The banquet will be next Tuesday March 31st at the Brookshire, it is usually 14-15 dollars a person.  Once I get the final number of people, they will give me the final price.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again to celebrate a great season.

Coach Weber


Good Afternoon!

We had an awesome showing at the Palace, Aaron placing 3rd and Ian going 1-2.  Next year is now, the work for 2009-10 is right now!

Here is info regarding freestyle and greco spring/summer wrestling.  There is an event in Webberville Friday, all participants need a USA wrestling card, they can be purchased online or at each event, be sure to bring a birth certificate if purchasing on site.

I strongly encourage those not involved in a spring sport to compete this spring.   More matches equals more experience, more experience, more success.

Hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather, still haven't heard back from those attending the banquet on 3/31.

I have Duke beating Pitt in the Elite 8....but I guess that is why they wrestle, 'er play the game.


Good afternoon folks!

Here is the rundown of events this week in Auburn Hills.  In bold are the actual rounds of competition.  I will send out a text around 10:45 with the starting weight and an approximation of when Ian and Aaron will wrestle Thursday.   Will do my best to keep everyone up to date with results via text.  Have an awesome day!

Thursday, March 12
Coaches Packet Available -- 8 a.m. East Entrance
Inspection and Weight Check -- 9:30 a.m. East Entrance
Weigh-In -- 10:30 -11 a.m.
Coaches Meeting -- 10:30 a.m. Sections 101-103
Grand March Assembly -- 2:15 p.m.
Grand March -- 2:30 p.m.
Anthem--2:38 p.m.
Round 1--Championship 1st round -- 2:45 p.m.

Friday, March 13
Anthem--8:25 a.m.
Round 2--Consolation 1st round -- 8:30 a.m.
Round 3--Championship Quarterfinals --11 a.m. (approx)
Round 4--Consolation 2nd round -- 2 p.m. (approx)
Weigh-In: Consolation Winners and Semifinal Participants - 2-5 p.m.
Round 5--Championship Semifinals -- 7 p.m.

Saturday, March 14
Anthem--8:25 a.m.
Round 6--Consolation 3rd round -- 8:30 a.m.
Round 7--Consolation Semifinals -- 10:10 a.m. (approx)
Round 8--Consolation Finals (7th, 5th, 3rd place matches) -- Noon (approx)
Grand March Assembly -- 4:15 p.m.
Grand March -- 4:30 p.m.
Anthem--4:41 p.m.
Round 9--Finals -- 4:45 p.m.


Good Morning!

State finals this weekend, check out for times and sessions.  Will try to keep you all informed of what time Ian and Aaron should be wrestling in Auburn Hills.  A great experience for your son to check out!

Banquet & Awards night.....March 31st, 6:30 PM, Brookshire, roughly $15 per person, please RSVP by Thursday March 26th.



Good Afternoon!

Hope to see everyone tonight to establish work for the off-season :
golf outing, summer camp, freestyle-greco, etc.

6 PM - Brookshire


Good Afternoon folks,

Thanks to all who were able to help Friday and is a testament to our club that we are able to run a top notch tournament without a hitch and with such class. Your help makes my job much easier.  Thanks so much!

Exams begin tomorrow:

Tuesday — 1st and 4th hour full day
Wednesday 2nd and 5th hour full day
Thursday — 3rd hour half day, no return busing

We will meet tomorrow at the Brookshire at 6 PM to establish our summer committees (golf outing, summer camp, etc.)

I still have not received all equipment yet, I will pass that info on to the office at the end of the week.

Aaron and Ian qualified for the state finals and will begin next Thursday at the Palace of Auburn Hills.  If anyone should want tickets, the MHSAA website has info for ordering.

The banquet info will come shortly.

Have an awesome day!



Good Morning folks,

It was great to see so many of our wrestlers at the middle school meet on Wednesday supporting the future of Hornet wrestling.  The middle school squad looked good against St Johns and Okemos.

Tonight is setup for the Regional tournament.  It should not take a long time, other than waiting for the basketball crowd to take off.  3 mats and the stage and then we should be good.  Thanks in advance.

Have an awesome day!




Good Morning folks.

I wanted to let everyone know that the middle school is wrestling at home tonight at 4:30.  If you have nothing to do this busy week, stop on by and root on Todd and the boys.

Also,  Fowlerville is hosting the Team Regional tonight with Dewitt, and Durand is hosting what might possibly be the best match of the year in #3 Corunna v. #1 Goodrich tonight, I believe 6 PM is the start for both events.

Equipment is starting to roll in, please try to get that in this week.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend as we host an awesome event.

Have an awesome day!




Good Morning folks,

As most of the team is done, we still have much to do in the next few weeks, we had solid effort from our young team Wednesday and Saturday. Aaron and Ian qualified for Regionals this coming weekend that we are hosting.  I am confident that we as a team will take the lessons from the past season and capitalize on our opportunity next season.

We need help this week, Friday evening we need to setup for the Regional, I expect all wrestlers to setup mat Friday night following the completion of the basketball game, around 8 PM.  We need to setup 3 mats and the head table.  Additionally, I will need wrestlers to work the Regional as tappers, mat moppers, etc. I expect the boys to wear their
green team shirt Saturday with some non-ripped jeans.

The majority of the revenue generated from the regional goes directly to our club.

Mika Hulliberger & Jim Wenger are organizing help for the tables and concessions.  Please contact them if you would like a specific job or shift.

Equipment —- I am collecting singlets, headgear, warm up tops and bottoms and black bags.  I would like these items by week's end.

Aaron, Ian and I will be practicing this week around Ingham County, however, if your son wants to tag along and gain some more valuable experience, please let me know and we'll find room for them.

I want to thank you all for your support this year, it is long and grueling, I believe this sport is the best for young men in the winter, to compete, challenge themselves, and learn valuable lessons about themselves and life.

Have an awesome day!

Coach Weber


Good Morning Parents!

Tonight is the Team District.  It is day of weigh in, we will weigh in at 5 PM and wrestle Perry at 6 PM.  Durand will wrestle Bath-Laingsburg.  The winner's shall wrestle in the District Final.

I have Darcy Austin and Mary Brilla running the clock for the first round and Mary Brilla running the clock for the final.  I have Colton Hanysak as a tapper and I need another tapper for the Bath/Durand mat.

This weekend is the Individual District.  It is in Lake Fenton.  Bus is at 6:15.  Again, an on site weigh in at 8:00 AM, wrestling begins at 9:00 AM. We may only enter 14 kids in the tournament.  The top 4 placers in each weight shall advance to Individual Regionals.  Here is the travel team for the weekend.

112- Erickson 119- Ostrander 125- Leavey 130- Sawaya 140- Risdon 145 ???? 152- Austin & Johnson 160 Risch & McDonald 171- Hanysak & Demand 189 Maki 285 Brouwer

All those not participating in the Individual District are to turn in their equipment tomorrow.  Singlet, headgear, warm ups.

Thanks for all your support this year!

Coach Weber



Practice Friday at 2 PM, weigh in around 3:30

Varsity & JV tournament Saturday at Perry

Bus at 8:30 - Wrestling begins at 10 AM

Practice Monday, time TBD

Have an awesome day!



Another night of improvement.  A great sight of things to come, wall to wall with young wrestlers.

Here is the list for the weekend.

Constantine - Leaving at noon on Friday;  Drivers: Weber- 3, Johnson- 4, Brilla- 3, Leavey- 3. $20 for hotel to Williamston Wrestling Club. Wrestling begins at 9:30 AM.

112- Erickson 119- Ostrander 125- Leavey 130- Sawaya 135- Mesi 140- Risdon 145- Burnham 152 - Austin 160 - Risch 171- McDonald 189- Demand 215- Maki 285- Brouwer

Charlotte - Need to provide own transportation, wrestling begins at 10 AM.  Practice with Coach Armour from 3-4 PM Friday.  Weigh in Friday at 4:15 PM.  Please confirm with me on attendance.

285- Risdon 135- Wenger 145- Davis 152- Allman & Siefring 171- Hanysak

Parent/Teacher Conferences tonight.  No Practice Monday of this coming week.  Booster meeting Tuesday the 10th at 6 PM at Brookshire.  League tournament for both JV and Varsity next weekend at Perry, 10 AM start time.

The Team District pairings for February 18th were determined yesterday.  We drew Perry in the semi-final, with Durand and Bath-Laingsburg in the other semi.  Wrestling starts at 6:00pm at home.


Have an awesome afternoon!

Coach Weber


After speaking with Brad & Mika it is best for us to meet next Tuesday, February 11 at 6 PM at the Brookshire. Order of Business: Team District & Individual Regional setup, Golf outing subcommittee, end of season report.




Good Morning Wrestling Parents!

Is it February already?  The outcome of each match this weekend does not reflect the effort, everyone is improving and doing their best, our better days are ahead of us.

Wednesday we have parent's night.  We face off with Lakewood and Dewitt, Charlotte will also be there.  We introduce all wrestlers/stat girls with parents.  I need names of parents for introductions.  We decided we will do this following the Lakewood dual.  The dual will
begin at 5:30, there will be a JV mat setup as well.

Friday, we will leave at Noon for Constantine.   I will need two drivers for the trip.  Please let me know ASAP if you can.  Wrestling begins at 9:30.  The tournament is round robin style, so they will get five matches.   I will remind teachers and wrestlers that they are responsible for any work missed Friday (4th and 5th hour).  We will practice with Three Rivers at 3 PM, and will stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Three Rivers.

JV Saturday will be at Charlotte, wrestling starts at 10 AM.  I have not confirmed transportation, most likely there will be no bus.  Coach Armour will be at Charlotte at 8 AM for the seeding meeting.

If your son should be missing due to a doctor appointment or other commitment, please contact me so I know where they are. 

Next week, there is no dual on Wednesday.  There is a JV and Varsity tournament at Perry.

Tentative Travel teams for the weekend.

Varsity - Constantine -  Erickson, Ostrander, Leavey, Sawaya, Mesi, Wenger, 145- TBD, Austin,
Risch, McDonald, 189- TBD , Maki, HEAVY - TBD

JV - Charlotte - Davis, Allman, Siefring, HEAVY

TBD = To be determined

Thanks for all the support, see you Wednesday!

Coach Weber


Good Morning wrestling parents,

Not a bad showing last night in Fowlerville, we are seeing improvement, looking healthier, another challenge ahead of us this weekend.

We will be departing WHS Friday night around 5-5:30 PM. We are staying at the Best Western in Whitehall, $20 to Williamston Wrestling Club for hotel. 

Saturday, wrestling begins at 9 AM, we will wrestle Central Montcalm, Whitehall, Allegan, and Holland, and then wrestle a finals match with a team from the other pool, which includes for those interested: Hesperia, Shelby, Petoskey, Fruitport and Fremont.

Travel Team

112- Erickson 119- Schultz/Ostrander 125 Leavey 130 Sawaya 135 Mesi 140 Wenger 145 ???? 152 Austin 160 Johnson/Risch 171 McDonald 189 Hanysak 215 Maki 285 Risdon or Brouwer

Next week is Parent's Night, please send me the names of parents that will be in attendance by Wednesday at 4:00 PM

Reminders of the JV tournament next weekend in Charlotte  wrestling starts at 10 AM, bus will be around 7:30.

There will be a JV tournament 2/14 at Perry.

Have an awesome day!

I forgot, Brad Johnson updated photos from this season on the looks pretty sweet.

Thanks Brad!




Good Afternoon Folks!

Hopefully everyone is rested from the weekend off, we still have many goals to achieve in the remainder of the season, let's finish strong!

We are at Fowlerville this Wednesday, the double dual will begin at 5:30 against Perry, Fowlerville will wrestle Haslett.  We will wrestle Fowlerville following the Perry match.  Directions can be found on

The varsity will travel to Whitehall Friday following practice.  Most likely the varsity that wrestles Wednesday will go for the weekend.  We will depart from WHS around 5 PM.  Myself, Brad Johnson, and Scot Leavey will be driving.  I will need at least two more drivers Friday night.  Please let me know.  We will be staying at the Best Western in Whitehall.

The eligibility list is getting a bit too long the last few weeks, please check Parent Connect or  with your son's teachers to monitor progress. Most are borderline issues, but preventive measures are best.

Tentative travel for Saturday

103 Diamond 112- Erickson 119- Schultz 125 Leavey 130 Sawaya 135 Mesi 140 Wenger 145 ??? 152 Austin/Johnson 160 Risch 171 Hanysak 189 Maki? 285 To Be Determined

Lastly, we have wrestled a very difficult schedule that will only make us stronger in the month to come as well as position ourselves for the future.... to be the man, you need to beat the man!

Have an awesome afternoon!




Good Morning Parents,

I cannot believe January is winding down.  Thanks so much for all the help throughout the Classic process, it was a record day in terms of setup, kitchen, gate receipts, tear down, etc...  You all make this club rock!

Tonight we have Corunna at 5:30 and Haslett following, the JV mat will be set up.

We are off Friday and Saturday this week.  I encourage the boys to do something to keep them in shape.  This is a good time in the year to rest up for the finals push.

Next weekend varsity travels to Whitehall Friday night following weigh in.  The following weekend we have a JV tournament in Charlotte and the Varsity will travel to Constantine Friday afternoon (more info to come, drivers will be needed)

Additionally, there will be a JV tournament at the league meet Feb 14 (where else would you rather spend Valentine's Day?).

Please remind your son to get rest and keep up with conditioning over the weekend.  Running is always a good way to keep the weight down.

Have an awesome day!




Good Afternoon!

Thanks to all who helped out on Tuesday, every bit helps.

Tonight at 6 PM at Brookshire, we have a booster meeting to plan the
Mooney Classic, please help as best you can, this event is the premiere
event in the state of Michigan.  We make most of our revenue from this
and need to maintain our reputation as one of the best run tournaments.

Saturday bus is at 7:45 AM.  Bendle Team Dual Tournament begins at 10
AM.  Flint Powers, Flint Central, Elkton-Pigeon, Pinconning, and Bendle
High will all be there.

Travel teams this weekend

Friday — New Lothrop JV, (Cindy Davis, Mary Brilla,  and myself are
driving, need one more) leave WHS at 3:15

Hanysak, Burnham, Davis, Allman, McDonald, Ostrander, 

Saturday Bendle

Diamond, Erickson, Schultz, Leavey, Sawaya, Mesi, Risdon,
Siefring/Austin, Johnson, Risch, Duncan, Pugh, Maki,

Hope to see you all tonight!  Go Gators!

Coach Weber


A quick update

Booster meeting Thursday.....PLANNING session for Mooney Classic at 6 PM Brookshire.

Needs:  Coordination of kitchen and volunteers to run tables, brackets, etc.

Will send out a calendar of events for January this afternoon!

Coach W


Good Morning,

Just wanted to get you the final details on Monday

Here is the lineup:

125- Ostrander 140 Mesi 145 Wenger 152 Davis, 160 Allman, 171 Hanysak, 189 Demand, 215 Maki 285 Brouwer

Those in bold have confirmed going.  please let me know this weekend.

This is on-site weigh (from 8-9 AM) in and the boys get a 1 pound 103 can weigh 104.

Matt Maki, Todd Demand, Jim Wenger, and myself are driving down.  We should leave for Bryan at 6 AM.

Wrestling begins around 9 AM

Directions are up on the website

We are at Lansing Eastern today if you should want to check out the action!

Have an awesome holiday



Great wrestling last night, great effort, more work to do.  We have had a great start to the year, looking forward for more success to come.

In the event we have a snow day, I will get out the word on the status of practice and Saturday info.

I am attaching the winter calendar, I am hoping to get good rest for our boys in December, there are optional workout times throughout the break.

Travel Squads

Holiday Classic @ Lansing Eastern 7 AM Bus

Diamond, Erickson, Schultz, Leavey, Sawaya, Mesi, C Risdon, Austin, Johnson, Risch, Duncan, Pugh, Brouwer, Demand?

Bryan OH,  leave WHS at 6 AM  (need to confirm drivers)  Weber-4 w/Lamb Demand-5 Wenger - 3  Risdon - 2?

125- Ostrander? 135- Mesi? 140 Wenger 145 C Risdon 152 Davis 160 Allman 171- Hanysak,189 Demand? 215- Maki 285 G Risdon ?

Question marks = need to confirm

Have an awesome holiday, hope to see you all this weekend.



Good Morning,

Very sorry about the lack of communication regarding this weekend.

Water bottles are in, all the boys earned one through pizza sales!
They are to use these on Saturdays for gathered "power"

Shirts should be in next week, I will be sending home order forms for
families to purchase items.

Here is the run down:

Weigh in at 4:30
Team meal in commons following weigh in
Varsity depart WHS 5:30 ish
Arrive at AmericInn in Bay City

Pinconning Duals (map to school on
wrestling begins at 8:30

Holt JV bus at 8:00 wrestling begins at 9:30  (Coach Armour cell 810
923 8551)

Costs for the weekend : Varsity (20 for hotel, 5 for "power") JV 5 for
power to Coach Armour

Travel Squads

Pinconning — Diamond, Erickson, Ostrander, Schultz, Leavey, Sawaya,
Mesi, Risdon, Austin, Siefring, Johnson, Risch, Duncan, Pugh, Brouwer,

Holt — Allman, Davis, Burnham, Hanysak, Maki, McDonald,


Good Morning folks,

Not a bad showing last night, a excellent test to see where we are as a
team.  Great effort, great wrestling, exciting night.

This weekend to avoid a 5:30 AM bus ride, we have decided to go
overnight to Pinconning.  We will be staying at the AmericInn  in Bay

I will need two drivers for the event Friday night.  We would leave
around 5:30 - 6 PM from the school.

Coach Lamb has not offered yet, but I will try and convince him to have
an entire team meal at the school following weigh in.

Travel List for the weekend:

Holt — bus at 8:00 AM, wrestling begins at 9:30 at the new High

Allman, Burnham, McDonald, Hanysak, Maki, Davis


Diamond, Erickson, Ostrander, Schultz, Leavey, Sawaya, Mesi, Risdon,
Austin, Johnson, Risch, Duncan/Demand, Brouwer

TBD — Siefring, Pugh, Wenger


What a great first week.  We had a strong start to the year, we have our next challenge ahead this week with the dual and tournament.

I need help for the dual this week.  I need two scoreboard people, I need a JV clock person.  Very little experience needed.  I will also need three kids to be tappers on Wednesday.  Please let me know if you can assist.

The format for Wednesday will be much more fan friendly than last week.

We are looking at staying overnight in Bay City on Friday night for the Varsity to avoid an extremely early bus, that decision will be made today.

Kathy Flinton and Cindy Davis have been working on organizing food for the JV this week.  I apologize for the oversight last weekend on my part.

Here are the travel teams for the week


Diamond, Erickson, Ostrander, Schultz, Leavey, Sawaya, Wenger, Risdon, Austin, Siefring, Johnson, Risch, Duncan, Demand, Brouwer

Holt w/ Coach Armour

Mesi, Allman, Pugh, McDonald, Maki, Hanysak, Davis, Burnham

Thanks for all your help!



I knew there were a few items I left out!

The Wrestling Club will be providing Gatorade and "power" bars to the
boys each weekend.  To cover the cost please send $5 per weekend if your
son is wrestling.  We have ordered water bottles for the boys and they should
be in next week.

To the JV kids — the school is responsible for the entry fee, please

Pizza sale looks like it did a great job!

Todd Demand will be at practice today to let the boys know of departure
time (looking like 7 AM from the HS)

Looking forward to a positive weekend.



What a great start to our season last night.  Tri - meets are brutal in terms of length of time.  Many positive things, first wins & pins for our young squad.   More to improve on.

This weekend's travel squad:
Hudson  -- report to WHS by 6:20 AM Saturday

Diamond, Erickson, Ostrander, Schultz, Leavey, Sawaya, Wenger, Mesi, Austin, Siefring, Johnson, McDonald, Risch, Duncan, Demand, Brouwer


Burnham, Deason, Maki, Hanysak, Pugh, Davis

I will pass out specific travel information for Pinckney, please confirm with either me or Coach Demand as to how your wrestler will get to Pinckney HS.

Maps to either destination can be found on our website

If there is anything else, I will send you an update.

Great start, thanks for all who could come on out!


Thank you for the kind gift toward Kelly & I, we had an awesome time this weekend.

LOCATION CHANGE - The season kicks off this week with a tri-meet Wednesday at Home against Central Montcalm & Ithaca 6 PM.

I will need a parent to run the clock (I think Mary Brilla volunteered).  I also believe Kathy Flinton is running the concession stand.

We will be done with practice today around 5 PM and 4:30 tomorrow.

Tonight is meet the team, we have a mandatory parent meeting following to discuss nutrition.

On Wednesday, the boys need to be back to the school by 4:30, those who aren't leaving the building may stay in my classroom.

Have an awesome day see you tonight!



What a great weekend, our best yet.

Great scrimmage with Roscommon, an adventurous ride between Grayling and Mackinac City, some fierce swimming relays (did anybody know TJ Davis has a clutch backstroke?)  a record setting run around the island (co-champions Justin Schultz and Zach Ostrander), home earlier than we ever have been.  A excellent time.

I am going to emphasize hygiene this and next week.  It is crucial that the kids shower at the school following practice to avoid the ringworm and other buggers out there.  I have always recommended regular dial soap, clean towels, and drying off completely.  I realize it adds another 15 minutes to the end of the day for these kids, but we want to make sure we stay "funk" free.

This week, some reminders:

Tuesday November 25th, start turning in Pizza orders to Coach Lamb.

Wednesday November 26th, optional practice 2:30 PM
Friday November 28th, optional practice 7:30 to 9:30 AM
Saturday November 29th, optional practice 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM

Optional = if you are in town and have no family commitments, you should be at practice.

We have our first weigh in next Tuesday, so it is imperative that wrestlers take care of themselves over the holiday.

December 1st, 5:30 PM, Meet the Team night....also our state mandated nutrition meeting.  See you then!

Team Pictures is Dec 1 as well, I will send home info tonight.

Physicals should be all in, participation fee for those who did not participate in the fall is due by the first competition date.

As always, have an awesome week!


I knew I forgot something...

Just some more info:

All wrestlers are invited to Mackinac.  It is not mandatory, I understand family commitment & other issues.  It is a great team bonding event.

Please RSVP to me ASAP if your son will attend.  (How many acronyms can I possibly use?)

The boys should be ready to leave this Friday following their morning exam (it's a half day, so we will leave following lunch)

Speaking of lunch, the boys should bring a lunch for the ride up.  We will practice at 3, so that should avoid any indigestion at practice.

It may have been unclear, but I do need one more driver.  If all go...I need space for 4 kids.

Burke, Wenger, Weber, Johnson, Erickson, Leavey.  I need a copy of your driver's license on Friday.

Looking forward to kicking off this afternoon!



It's truly opening day today!

We will be fast and furious from this day until March.


Starting out, we have our Mackinac trip this weekend.  I have attached the itinerary, the what to bring list and the drivers.  I will also be sending home a driving consent form so that your son may ride up with us.

Pizza Sales

These order forms should already be at home, please collect money at time of order and checks made to Williamston Wrestling Club.

If a wrestler sells 5 kits, they earn their water bottle.

Practice Schedule

I have attached the calendar for November, we will go from 3-5 each day.  Your son is expected to shower at the school to prevent any type of "funk".  "Funk" is usually ringworm, however, we have heightened awareness to MRSA and other communicable diseases and yellow dial soap and a shower is usually the remedy after practice.

I am sure I have left something out, most likely another email will be sent out Wednesday.


While the Lions are winning, I wanted to give everyone a quick update...

Booster Club Meeting on Tuesday November 4th 6 PM at the Brookshire.  VOTE FIRST, no worries if you are late.

I need to order champ singlets by Wednesday of this week, please let me know if there is interest.

Items of discussion: approval of budget, pre-season info, Mackinac, varsity singlet preview, champ singlet order...

Team Leader Workouts  begin Monday November 3rd, 2:45 in the weight room. 

Hope to see you on Tuesday!


Just to let everyone be aware that we just received word that...WE ARE HOSTING INDIVIDUAL REGIONALS!!!!

This is awesome for our kids and program.

Have an awesome Monday.


Great to see such a large group Tuesday! We are growing, and that is a good thing.

I have attached materials that were distributed.  Kathy Flinton passed around a sign up sheet for food to bring for tournaments.

Additionally, it has been popular in the past to have team meals on Friday nights.  I would ask the mom squad to gather up interest in October so we have a plan in November.

I ordered 30 varsity singlets yesterday, they look sweet!  When you look good, you will wrestle better!

I attached the championship singlet agreement, no pressure, if your son and family can do it, please get that to me by Nov 4.

Our next meeting is going to be November 4th (Election Day) at 6 PM at the Brookshire.  Can't wait to kick it off!

Come on out to the JV/Frosh game tonight at 6 PM to support our wresters and tomorrow night in Perry at 7 PM.  Many of the tacklers seem to be wrestlers for some reason.  There is a pancake breakfast this weekend at the Williamston Fire Hall from 8 AM to Noon.

If you have any questions about the wrestling program, nutrition, work outs, travelling, JV or Varsity, etc.  please feel free to ask.

39 days to go!



Booster meeting tonight

6 PM — Brookshire

Topics of Discussion : Mr Raddatz (guest) , Uniform Purchase, Mackinac,
Schedule, Classic volunteers, etc.

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!



We are getting closer to the kickoff of the season.  Many of our boys are doing well in fall sports or preseason conditioning.

I would like to invite you all to the Wrestling Club Meeting, Tuesday October 7th at 6 PM at the Brookshire in Williamston.

You will be able to meet our new officers, parents, and coaches.

We have much to discuss.  I will be presenting information for wrestlers new equipment, Mackinac Island information, fundraising, Kathy will be putting together food items for tournaments, organization for the Mooney Classic in January.  Many exciting things this year.

I have attached the most up to date schedule.

The beauty of this club is that it is driven by the people.  Please take an active role to keep this club great!

Hope to see you all Tuesday!


51 days until wrestling season!

Coach Lamb has secured a photo opportunity for our team this year, I would like all returning letterman to be invited out to this event.

Saturday, September 27 at 4:00 PM is the WHEN & WHAT TIME.

Lamb is putting together directions and location for the photo shoot.  Those details WHERE will follow.

I will pass out singlets Friday afternoon and are to be returned Monday September 29

From there, we will try to get weight class sponsors for the poster and be able to distribute, similar to football.

Hope you are enjoying the fall.

Yours in Hornet Wrestling,

Coach Weber

prACTice like a champion

"to be the man, you have to beat the man"



Wrestling is only a few months away but wanted to make contact with you to let you know what is going on and what to look forward to this coming year.  Practice will begin Monday Nov 17th

Also, yesterday morning Assistant Coach Toby Weston and his wife Traci added a son to our depth chart for the year 2023, Adam Jonathan Weston,  7lbs 6.8oz, 20 3/4". Congrats!

New Threads

We will be purchasing new varsity singlets for this coming year.  We purchased brand new warm ups last season, and we are in the process of purchasing "championship" singlets with the option to buy for this year.  So we should be looking good, and if we look good, we'll wrestle even better!  Looking to purchase new headgear. 

Wrestling Club Meeting

Our first meeting of this year will be October 7th at 6:00 PM at the Brookshire.  We will be discussing approval items to purchase. 

Additionally, I am sure the "Mom Squad" will want to organize snacks for tournaments, sandwiches for duals, trophy case upgrade, and other items.

Our new officers will also be there.  President Mika Hulliberger, Fundraising Coordinator Jody Lamb, Events Coordinator Jim Wenger, Youth & Middle School Development Todd Demand, Treasurer Brad Johnson, Secretary Dawn Risch.  I am sure I forgot someone or title.  Sorry.

One of the oldest booster clubs in the state of Michigan, this is a great group that is for our wrestlers, anything we can do to better our kids and the program.  Please come on out.


This year WE WILL go to Mackinac, the plans are in the process for the weekend November 21-22.  More details to follow.  Most likely a scrimmage with Roscommon on the way up.   I will be asking for parent drivers/chaperones.


More home meets, the Classic, a new competition in the Battle of M-52.  Until I send out word, consider the schedule tentative.

Team Poster

I would like returning letterman (Sophomores & Juniors) to keep the Saturday of October 27 open for a picture for a team poster.  More details again to follow.  Please try and keep that date open for the afternoon.

I am sure there will be more to come,

Looking forward to a great season.

Yours in Hornet wrestling

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