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2009 - 2010



Good Morning,


Looking forward to hosting the regional this weekend.


We need all wrestlers to report to the high school around 8 PM tonight to setup mats, should go pretty quickly.


Additionally, we need a crew to setup the head table, maybe around 7:30 to beginning staging it out.


Again, all wrestlers should be at the high school Saturday at 7:30 AM to assist throughout the day.  We should get done around 6 PM.


We need table workers around 8:30 and Cathy Flinton will need people beginning at 6:30 AM for the kitchen.  I know Mika and Kathy have worked these shifts out.


Banquet March 11, United Methodist Church, please RSVP to Cathy Flinton


I have only received a few boys' equipment this week.  Please return equipment ASAP.


Good luck to Aaron, Ian, Paul, Justin and Garrett this weekend.


Thank you all for your efforts this season!


Yours in Hornet wrestling,


Coach Weber




Happy President's Day!


After a great team season, our wrestlers had a fine showing at Goodrich.  We have five moving on to the regional (Ian, Paul, Garrett, Aaron, & Justin).


Another thanks to our seniors who finished their careers last week.  An additional congrats to the rest of our squad.  We had an outstanding year.


We are hosting the individual regional this weekend.  It is expected that all team members assist with the setup Friday night, the tournament Saturday, and the tear down Saturday night. 


I would like the boys to be at the high school Friday night around 8 PM to set up the mats.   We will need a dad crew to set up the head table while Todd Demand directs.  We will need table help and kitchen help throughout the day Saturday.


I expect the non-wrestling kids to be at the high school at 7:30 Saturday AM.


I would like to collect equipment this week for those that are done.  Wrestling bag, warm up (top/pants), singlet, headgear.


The banquet will be March 11 at the United Methodist Church.  More details to follow.


Thanks again!


Coach Weber




Good evening folks,


We wrestled very well tonight, it just didn't bounce our way.  Our boys gave a fine effort and I am proud of them all. 


Thanks to our seniors who capped off a tremendous four years of shouldering the return of Williamston wrestling. We will have much to celebrate at the end of the year banquet.


On to another path, the Palace of Auburn Hills.  We begin in Goodrich this weekend. I believe wrestling will begin at 9:00.  I will confirm times tomorrow morning.  As always has driving directions.


The following wrestlers will compete Saturday


Schmidt, Austin, Diamond, Leavey, Ray, Sawaya, Spencer, Wenger, Risch, Johnson, McDonald, Brandon, Reggie, Garrett


Practice will be at 2 PM at the high school, we will depart WHS around 4 PM. $20 for hotel to Coach Weber.  Weigh in Saturday morning.   Kathy Leavey, I believe, has already organized food for Saturday.


JV wrestlers need to return their equipment Tuesday after school.  Warm up top, warm up pants, headgear, singlet(s)


The banquet information will come out next week.


Thanks for all your support this season.


Coach Weber





Based on weight and available space the following JV are staying back


TJ Davis

Steve Lake

Collin Schoenborn

Pat Loewen

Jordan Johnson


I apologize for the change.


Beat Portland.




Due to situations beyond our control, we do not have bus transportation tonight.


This group will drive to Ovid Elsie


Weber - 7

Johnson - 4

Demand -

Risch -

Lamb - 4

Brilla - Isaac


Some JV's may stay home due to this and will call a little after 3 PM.


Wrestlers will need rides home from Ovid Elsie.


Thanks for flexibility.


Beat Portland.


Coach Weber




Good Snowy Morning,


Here is the deal...


Practice today at 5 PM, be safe getting here, for these wrestlers


Schmidt, Austin, Diamond, Ostrander, Leavey, Ray & Reggie, Sawaya, Spencer & Garrett, Wenger, oberg, Risch, Ju. Johnson, McDonald, Brandon, Maki, Hanysak, Brouwer


Team Districts will be tomorrow at Ovid Elsie, bus is at 3, weigh in is at 4:30, wrestling against Perry is at 5:30.  All wrestlers will travel and weigh in.  Boys should be in shirts and ties for school.


Beat Portland.


There is NO "pound allowance" for tomorrow.


Thanks for your patience.


Coach Weber




Good Afternoon folks,


Booster meeting tonight 6 PM, Brookshire, sub committee planning for tournament and kitchen.


Due to weather, we will go shorter tonight, around 4:30.


JV is cancelled in Holt for Saturday.


Team Districts tomorrow, 5:30 PM @ Ovid Elsie, we will face Perry in the semi-final and the winner of O-E/Portland in the finals.  Bus is at 3 PM, weigh in is tomorrow at 4:30 PM


Should there be the blizzard...


Scenario A


The blizzard comes, we have no school, I will call Mr Bowles at 10:30 to find out the plan for the rest of the day, should we still wrestle tomorrow night, we need to meet around 1 PM to check weight.  Bus at 3 PM, weigh in at 4:30, wrestling at 5:30, beat Portland.


Scenario B


Blizzard, no school, no wrestling, we will wrestle on Monday in Ovid Elsie same time, same channel


Scenario C


We have school, we weigh in, we beat Portland for the District title


Individual Districts info will come out Thursday.


Have a wonderful day,


Coach Weber




Last minute change from Lakewood


JV Wrestling @ 8:00AM

Varsity Wrestling @ 10:00AM


JV meet Coach Weber & Demand at HS at 6:45


Varsity bus at 7:45, with coach armour and johnson


See you tomorrow!



Please confirm




Good Afternoon,


Just a few quick reminders.


Saturday are the league finals, JV is to start around 8:30, Varsity right after, in Lakewood. 


JV - Meet @ HS around 7 AM


Lake, Davis, DeGarmo, Maki, Byrne, Loewen, Schoenborn/Johnson?


Varsity - Bus @ 8:45


Schmidt, Austin, Diamond, Leavey, Duncan, Sawaya, Demand, Schoenborn/Johnson?, Risch, Johnson, McDonald, Hanysak, Demand, Brouwer


Tuesday is our booster meeting 6 PM Brookshire


Wednesday begins the district tournaments at Ovid Elsie.  These are day of weigh ins.


Finish Strong!


Coach Weber




League finals this weekend in Lakewood


JV's will meet at the high school at seven and ride with Coaches Weber and Demand to Lakewood


Varsity bus to Lakewood leaves at 8:45 with Coach Armour.


The JV's will wrestle at 8:00, varsity will follow immediately, around 11.


Booster meeting Tuesday February 9th to plan the Individual Regional to be held Saturday February 20th, I believe the sub committees worked best last time to organize kitchen help and tournament table work.


Thanks for all the support this season!


Coach Weber




Wrestling will begin tomorrow at 5:30


Bus is at 3:45



Good Morning folks,


Should anyone want a sub for tomorrow, please have forms and money to me by 5 PM.


Tomorrow we wrestle at Ionia against Hastings and Ionia. Bus is at 3:15, JV's will begin around 5:30


Friday after practice, varsity leaves for Whitehall.  $20 to Coach Weber for hotel.  Saturday we will wrestle Fruitport, Holland, Whitehall, Allegan and then cross bracket with the similar record team from the other pool.


Probable weekend lineup


103- Schmidt 112- Austin 119 Ostrander 125 Leavey, 130 Duncan 135 Sawaya 140 Demand 145 Schoenborn 152 Oberg 160 Loewen 171 McDonald 189 Hanysak 215 Demand 285 Brouwer


JV is at Charlotte Saturday, bus is at 8:00 AM.  We may not need a bus due to numbers, I will let you know as soon as I can.


Have an awesome day


Good Morning parents,


Tonight is our final home dual meet, we will honor our team and parents prior to the start of the match.  Please arrive no later than 5:15 so that we can line up.  Let's have parents meet at the far end of the gym.


I need one more parent to run the mat 2 clock. Mary Brilla will run the home clock


I am volunteering matt diamond and colton hanysak to be tappers on mat 1 & 2


There will be a third JV mat setup to cut down on time.


JV will practice Friday at 3 PM, Saturday bus is at 8, wrestling around 9


See you tonight


Good Morning Parents,


WOW!  What a great night of wrestling at Eaton Rapids the other night.  Coach Mooney called yesterday and said he cannot recall ever defeating Eaton Rapids in wrestling.  Way to go.


The next few days are going to be jam packed.  I thank you in advance for all your hard work this coming weekend.  It is our parents and boosters that make these events high quality and premiere. 


Tonight - Setup will begin around 5:30.  We need help setting up the stage with Todd Demand and Dan Austin


The boys will be setting up the mats, mop and tape, and get home.


The kitchen committee will be setting up too.


On Saturday...we need parents to help in the kitchen and running the tournament.  Please see Kathy Leavey for Kitchen, Mika Hulliberger for table help and Jim Wenger for all other matters.


There will be a Friends of Wrestling gathering following the tournament at Brookshire with pizza and pop provided by the wrestling club. 


On Sunday....all wrestlers are expected to be there to assist in table help.  Please contact Coach Weber for any conflicts.  I believe the boys need to be here at 9:30 AM.   Same contacts for the day's events.  We will need to roll the mats up and tear down the tables this night.


We will have practice Monday at 1 PM. 






Good Morning Parents and Wrestlers,


We won! 2010 Bendle Dual Champions


Thanks to you all in advance for your hard work this coming week!


Mooney Classic 1/16


Setup will be Friday at 5 PM.  We need a group of strong people to gather the risers from the auditorium.  Todd Demand and Dan Austin will head up this group.  Please meet near the McGoff Center at 5 PM


The wrestlers will set up the mats following dinner.  I am volunteering Coach Lamb to cook his world famous chicken rice soup.


Mary Brilla is providing sloppy joes for the seeding meeting.


Saturday, we need all the help we can get throughout the day.  All JV wrestlers are expected to work the entire day, unless otherwise arranged with Coach Weber.  Parents interested in helping in the kitchen please contact Cathy Flinton Those who would like to work a wrestling table, Mika Hulliberger, and if you would like to help anywhere else (50/50, security, etc.) Jim Wenger


We will be doing enough clean up to begin the next day


MYWAY Tournament 1/17


All wrestlers are expected to work tables during the meet, unless they are officiating.

I will have a shift signup sheet later this week.


This is another great fund-raising opportunity for our club.


We are at Eaton Rapids Wednesday, bus is at 3:30, JV will begin at 5:30, Varsity at 6.  We are wrestling Perry and Eaton Rapids.


I am sure there will be more this week, please be checking for further updates.


Yours in Hornet Wrestling,


Coach Weber


Happy Snow Day,


There is a 1 pound allowance for everyone since it is a snow day.


The phone tree has started, but I wanted to get info out for today.


Varsity will practice today at 2 PM, weigh in at 3:30.  Bus at 7 AM Saturday, wrestling begins at 9 AM.  Bendle has added a sixth team so we will get 5 matches.  Pinconning, Haslett, Bendle, Mayville, and Flint Powers will be the other teams in attendance.


JV is cancelled for tonight


Travel squad for Saturday morning


103- Schmidt

112- Austin & Diamond

119 Ostrander

125 Leavey

130 Duncan

135 Sawaya & Demand

145 Wenger

152 Oberg & Jo Johnson

160 Ju Johnson

171 McDonald

189 Duncan

215 Demand

285 Brouwer


Pat Weber


Good Morning parents,


We knew we would face adversity last night for a variety of reasons.  


In the Portland match, we lost on the sixth criteria (F) Most Technical falls in a match.  In the event of a tie,  matches are determined on certain criteria, the team that breaks the tie receives a point and is declared the winner.


We are a week away from our tournament weekend.  We ask that parents are available to assist at tables or in the kitchen or patrolling the school to ensure we put on a premier event. 


There is talk of a snow day tomorrow.  In the event of a snow day, I will call Mr Bowles at 9 AM to see whether we can still have practice or events.  Once I get an answer I will start the phone tree and communicate what we shall be doing.   For some reason I do not have the brandon's contact.


Travel teams for the weekend


JV - Friday, New Lothrop, 4:30 PM, Individual tournament, bus at 3


112- Diamond 130 Byrne? 140 Schoenborn 145 Jo Johnson 152 Lake 160 Loewen 171 Brandon 171 Davis 189 Collier 189 Hanysak 285 Maki 285 DeGarmo


Varsity, Bendle, bus at 7 AM, team tournament wrestle at 9 AM (we should get done earlier with only 5 teams scheduled to be there)


103- Schmidt

112- Austin

119- Ostrander

125 Leavey

130 Duncan / Byrne ?

135 Sawaya/ Demand

145 Wenger ?

152 Oberg

160 Ju Johnson

171 McDonald

189 Duncan

215 Demand

285 Brouwer


Pat Weber


Happy New Year Wrestling Parents!


We had a great showing over the holiday break and I am confident it is a sure sign of positive things to come in 2010!


We have a booster meeting tomorrow night at 6 PM, Brookshire Inn and Golf Course.


It is crucial for all parents to attend, we are planning our tournament and need all the help we can get.


I am hoping that we break into sub-committees tonight to best use our time.  I am guessing that the Kitchen and Table help will need time to brainstorm.


The Mooney Classic is one of our major fundraisers for our program, it is our club that continues to offer a premiere wrestling event each year.  Thank you in advance for all your efforts in the next few weeks.


We did pick some "funk" up over the holidays.  The coaches will be making sure wrestlers are showering after each practice.  Please be sure to send a clean towel each day, wash any knee pads weekly, new practice clothes each day.  We will also start washing practice clothes on Monday and Thursday nights.  Let's stay funk free.


I am taking Subway orders for Wednesday, I need money & order Tuesday after practice.  Order form is online at


Wednesday, all travel to Portland.


Friday, JV is at New Lothrop, departure TBA, need ride home.


Saturday, Varsity is at the Bendle Duals. Start time has changed to 9 AM, 7 AM bus


I am checking on when apparel orders are back, I would imagine sometime early this week.


I am sure there will be more info to send out for this week.


Have an awesome day!



Coach Weber


Good Morning Parents and Wrestlers,

We have had a few excellent showings the last few weekends. The varsity won the Lansing Wrestling Officials Association Holiday Classic, defeating DeWitt 37-36 in the semi and Portland 51-19 in the final, it was nice to get recognized for the efforts of our young men. We also took 4th at the Bryan (OH) JV tournament earlier this week, 5 runner-up finishes on the day. I am looking forward to seeing more success from Hornet wrestling in 2010.

Hope you had a happy holiday. We now need to prepare for our most challenging event so far this season, the Goodrich Tournament of Champions.

Practice Schedule -

Sunday is optional with Coach Lamb at noon.

Monday, varsity at Holt 9 AM- 11, call or text Coach Weber on your attendance.

All hornet wrestlers 3 PM - 5, Monday, call or text Coach Weber your attendance.

Tuesday, Varsity at Dansville 12 - 2, varsity at Williamston 4-5:30

Please let Coach Weber should you need a ride to any practices. 775 -1999

We will depart for Goodrich following practice Tuesday.

Travel Roster

103- Austin 119 Ostrander 125 Leavey 130 Duncan 135 Sawaya 140 Demand 145 Wenger 152 Risch 160 Johnson 171 McDonald 189 Duncan 215 Demand 285 Brouwer

112 - Schmidt & Diamond

Hotel fees, the cost for Goodrich is $20 for wrestlers, also need to collect for Pinconning. Thanks!

Goodrich TOC is an individual tournament, Wednesday, Dec 30, wrestling will begin at 9:00 AM.

Yours in Hornet Wrestling,

Coach Weber


Good Morning Parents,

Great night last night, just came out a bit short.

I apologize for this, we normally charge $20 when we stay overnight for the cost of the hotel, I did not mention that for the Pinconning trip. So, for those who did attend the trip, please send that to me at your convenience.

The holidays are approaching and I just want to communicate practice expectations.

Practice is optional. Optional is defined as "if you are in town, with no family obligations, you are expected to be at practice on time."

We have had a great start we need to get better over the break and prepare for an excellent finish.

Holiday tournaments --- below is the roster as of today for the holidays.

Bryan JV (Ohio) December 22; depart 6 AM WHS

Drivers : Weber- 7, Demand- 5, need one more

103 Schmidt 112 Diamond 130 Byrne 135 Ray Duncan 140 S Demand & Schoenborn 152 Lake 160 Loewen 171 Brandon & Collier? Davis? 189 Hanysak 285 DeGarmo & Maki

Goodrich (overnight) December 29-30; Depart following practice Dec 29

103 - Austin 119- Ostrander 125- Leavey 130 Duncan 135 Sawaya 140 Demand 145 Mesi 152 Risch 160 Johnson 171 McDonald 189 Duncan 215 Demand 285 Brouwer

Pat Weber


Good Morning Parents,

Another fine weekend for Hornet wrestling! We knocked off two state ranked teams in New Lothrop and Dansville, varsity finished runner-up to #6 Chippewa Hills and we had three JV Champions at Pinkney.

We are wrestling Wednesday at Dewitt which begins at 6 PM. We will wrestle Corunna and Fowlerville. Bus is at 4:30

We are carrying over sub orders from last week. Still time to order if you missed it. Form attached.

With the holidays approaching I will be sending out a practice schedule. JVs have tournament on the 22nd and Varsity on the 30th. JVs are off this weekend and are encouraged to attend the tournament at Lansing Eastern.

Thanks for your work on the pizza fund-raising event.

Please check out the website for all kinds of great info

Have an awesome day!

Yours in Hornet Wrestling,

Coach Weber


Good Morning parents and wrestlers,

I am glad the powers at be agreed that our wrestlers needed some rest today.

Dansville did not cancel today, so as of now, we are still on for tonight. The boys need to be at the school at 4 PM.

There will be no sub order today, all those collected will be forwarded to next week's meet.

Remember any pizza orders with money is due tonight!

I have attached the phone tree should anything change.... I still need DeGarmo's number.

See you tonight!

Coach Weber


Good Morning,

A few quick reminders

Bus tomorrow (all members travel) 4:30 pm, meet at Dansville. We begin at 6 PM

Drivers for Pinconning on Friday night: Scot Leavey, Todd Demand, Pat Weber, Brad Johnson

JV Bus for Saturday 7:30 AM, (Stacey can you take the head count?) wrestling begins at 9 AM, please let me know what JV parents can provide rides home and how many.

Pizza orders are due tomorrow to Coach Weber

From the booster meeting, we are starting to plan for our tournament in January. It is essential we have plenty of help both Saturday and Sunday. Mika and Jim will be contacting parents and friends of Williamston wrestling to assist.

I am constructing a phone tree list in the event of a snow day tomorrow.

Have an awesome day!

Coach Weber


Good Morning Parents,

What a great start to the season. Both JV and Varsity looked great in the opening week. We need to continue to improve so we can achieve our goals in March.

This week...

Tonight, we have a booster meeting 6 PM, Brookshire, we need to begin planning the Classic, update on non-profit status, and other info.

Thursday we have the battle of M-52 with Dansville, Stockbridge and Webberville. We have Webberville first. Boys need to stay at school due to an early bus.

Friday the varsity will head out to Pinconning for the Saturday tournament. JV will wrestle at Pinckney. Times of departure to be announced. JV will have a bus for drop-off.

See you tonight!


I am volunteering Mary Brilla to run the home clock tonight.

I need a parent volunteer(s) to run the clock for Mat 2 tonight. I will reward you with fabulous prizes.

I also need two tappers for both mats.

Stacey Murray has volunteered to help out with the JV bus Saturday. Thanks Stacey!

We begin tonight at 6 PM.


And we're off!

We open our season up tonight against Ann Arbor Skyline and Springport at 6 PM in the new gym. We have a brand new mat to unveil and the largest team in recent history to break it in.

The coaching staff is anxious to see what progress has been made over the last year. There will be a limited number of JV matches as the other teams do not have the same numbers as we do.

Pizza order forms have been distributed to the boys, we are hoping each wrestler can sell at least 5 pizzas. Please turn them into me (Coach Weber).

For those wrestlers who have not paid for the Mackinac trip, please get that to me soon.

The boys are expected to be either in my room, in the wrestling room or at home after school. They are to report to my room today at 4:15.

I have attached the most up to date calendar, we are wrestling next week Thursday instead of Wednesday at Dansville.

For the latest on Hornet wrestling info please check Be sure to see the locker room for important forms

For Saturday

Wrestlers will be made aware of their travel designation tomorrow (THURS).

Varsity - Will head to Hudson for a dual tournament. Bus is 6:45 AM. Wrestling begins at 9. Other info attached/

JV - Will head to Corunna, Bus is at 8:15, wrestling begins at 10 AM. Coach Armour will meet the boys in Corunna. I need a parent to take roll Saturday morning so the bus can leave on time. Corunna is estimating the final round will begin around 4 PM. Wrestlers are free to leave with their parents when they have finished for the day.

Both teams will need their own transportation home. If parents can let me know who will be able to drive kids home this evening that will help the process.

Please ensure your son is getting enough rest and nutrition. They should be drinking water and working more fruits and veggies in their diet.

Have an awesome day!

Yours in Hornet wrestling,

Coach Weber


Good Morning folks,

This is a reminder for tomorrow's booster meeting at 6 PM, Brookshire.

We have some important business to line up.

We need drivers for Mackinac, Nov 20-23. We will leave following school, so around 3:30. In order to not be so rushed on the Saturday, we have decided to stay one more night in Mackincac City. The cost per wrestler is $60.

I have received the forms for Little Caesar Pizza, we need to get these to families for fund-raising.

I have included the dates and times for most of the year. Please notice that Meet the Team in Nov 23 at 6 PM, we will hold our mandatory nutrition meeting at that time.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Coach Weber


As I am looking over some of our equipment I am missing certain things. Particularly warm-up bottoms.

If you could look around the house and see if your son held on to some gear and kindly return it so we can take proper stock in our equipment I would appreciate it.




Printable Wrestling Calendar, Thanks to Brad!

Also check out the Locker Room section on our website, it has all the forms and documents for the season.

Thanks again!

Coach W


Good Morning Parents,

Well, it's almost here. The long months of sunshine, spring & summer, fall golf outings, football is all coming to end and it's time to return to the gyms and snowy weather.

We would like to hold our first meeting of the 2009-10 season next week Tuesday at 6 PM at the Brookshire.

Items to be discussed will be assess the golf outing and send out thank you's goals for the program, pre-season update, schedule for the year, and a approve the budget for the year.

Looking forward to seeing you then.

Coach W


Good Morning,

It's almost here, thanks to all for their efforts this year. Our golf chair Stacey Murray has done an outstanding job putting this huge event on, make sure you send her a word of thanks.

I have attached my help list. Registration is the place where we need the most help. We will start seeing golfers around 7:30 AM.

Again, we are expecting the boys at 7:30 to unload golf bags. I have sent out desired dress attire.

Looking forward to kicking this off tomorrow. Please let me know if your son will not be able to attend.

Yours in Hornet Wrestling,

Coach Weber


Good Afternoon!

We are approaching our largest fund-raising event of the year. Your help is greatly appreciated.

September 19, 2009 is the date for the outing at the Brookshire.

Earlier this summer I sent out an expectation for each wrestler to secure a team for the outing. Please pass that information to our booster president Mika Hulliberger or Stacy Murray.

The boys are expected to be there around 7:30 with a wrestling team shirt and un-ripped pants. They may leave after the start of the event.

Below is a list of jobs/duties on the day of the event and amount of people. Please let me know if you can do this.

Setup (Coffee & donuts) 7:30ish AM
Registration (6-8 people) 7 AM - 9 AM
Raffle "Hustler" -- Coach Lamb
Hot Dog grill (usually Scot Leavey, plus two more) 9 AM - 2 PM

We have a good amount of sponsors, but can always use the help of others. I have plenty of brochures, please let me know if you need more.

Looking forward to a strong year, thanks again for your time and effort into making this a great outing!

Coach Weber

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